What Is A Turnkey Project? Is it Essential For Your Fit Out?

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In this article we talk about what turnkey is, when it makes sense and how you can benefit from turnkey services.

What Is Turnkey

Turnkey is when you have a project that uses the same service provider for everything. The service provider takes care of everything from the concept, costing, management, design, manufacturing and full fit out, right through to the completion of the project.

During one of our recent full turnkey fit out projects, we worked with a client who had many ideas but didn’t know how to make those ideas a reality.

We took care of everything, all the client had to do was sit back and enjoy the process. We would provide consulting, mockups, management and completion of the project. This is what we consider a full turn-key fitout solution.

Some customers require more support than others and it is important to identify the entire scope of work before the job gets started to understand what the customers’ needs are and how much they want to do themselves.

Not everyone requires full turn-key project management

Not all projects require a full turnkey solution, some customers choose to deal with some areas of the project themselves. Sometimes they have done some work themselves and need support from your business to complete the project. Sometimes clients want you to take care of one specific area of the project. Every customer is different, and all of this can be decided during your initial consultation calls.

Full turnkey projects are perfect for busy businesses who need the project completed without any hassle. Customers do not need to worry as everything is taken care of by the service provider (in this case the fit out company) of their choice.

Two ways to identify a turn-key fitout provider are, by asking to see their fitout case studies and by talking to the team to discuss their services.

What are the benefits of a turnkey fitout project?

Turnkey projects are great at removing some of the most stressful parts of the fit out process.

Everything is organised and taken care of by the fit out company and the client doesn’t need to worry about anything. The company will be in contact with a dedicated person who will oversee the entire project. The project manager will organise and manage multiple aspects of the project to ensure the highest quality. This allows clients to focus on other areas of their business, while the fit out service provider will ensure the fit out project is on time and within budget.

Fit Out Tips

Why you should choose a full turn-key solution for your business?

Having one company to deal with everything is time efficient, often cheaper, and of higher quality as designers can collaborate with manufacturers to make cost-saving adjustments later in the project that may compromise the design vision.

With turnkey solutions, does the client lose control in decision-making?

Some customers might be concerned and afraid of handing their business over to a fit out company completely. Clients should not fear, professional turnkey service providers should run everything by the client before implementing the work. The client will always have full control and the final say in the decision-making process. Fitout companies are there to guide, help and advice. To complete all of the hard work so the client doesn’t have to.

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