How To Save €5,000 With Fit Out Companies In Ireland

Fit Out Companies In Ireland

Hiring fit out companies in Ireland is easier than you think. It can also be a great way to save money for your fitout project. In this article, we show you how you can save €5,000 by hiring the best fit out companies in Ireland.

All business owners are looking to balance their budgets while getting the most from their fit-out or shop fit. With inflation running at historic highs saving money, your fit-out has never been more important. There is no need to blow your budget when it comes to fitting out your commercial space. If you follow this guide, you will save money, and time and prioritise the most memorable aspects of your commercial fit-out or shop fit.  

So, if you are looking to save money start by implementing the following:

Plan, Plan, Plan

Get an in-depth plan of the area drawn up with correct measurements highlighting the options that are available, it’s always better to make all of your changes on a plan and go through as many iterations as possible until you are satisfied that what you left with on the final plan represents your intentions. Some customers find it hard to visualize what is on the plan. When this happens, it is a good idea to get renders done by your fit-out company or shopfitter. Always sign off your drawings, so everyone’s understanding is the same, this will save issues at the end of the fit-out.

Fit Out Budget

Everyone is trying to manage a budget. It is beneficial for all parties to get to grips with this at the start of the project.  A bill of quantities (BOQ) even in its most basic form is essential to get to a solid budget figure for your fit out. This will ensure your fit out budget is realistic, allowing you to prioritize your resources and budget.

Hire a One-Stop-Shop Fit Out Expert

Communicating and co-ordinating with multiple trades can be difficult for many reasons. Hiring fit out companies or shopfitting experts to co-ordinate and manage all logistics for your fit-out will cut costs, save time and ensure your project is complete within your deadlines. This is known as a full turnkey fitout provider. A fit-out expert means quicker completion and fewer costs. Managing the project yourself will mean that you need to learn many new skills. For example, you will need to learn what certifications are required by the landlord for you to complete the project, these should also be ascertained in advance. Hiring a fit out companies team will help the project to be smoother for all parties.

Minimize Changes During The Fit Out Project

Any change will come at a price, so it’s a good idea to consider as many of these at the planning stage, before the project gets underway. Changing your mind is human nature but be aware substantial changes in your project can be costly so think long and hard before you make them.

Utilize What You Have Got

It is understood that the more building work, structural changes, and layout changes that happen will impact your fit out budget. Try to mould your dream layout into the space that you have, the more of the existing infrastructure you keep, the less costly the project is going to be. Moving or making alterations to fire systems, air conditioning, and plumbing that is already in place will impact the budget.

Don’t Go For Costly Treatments Or Finishes  

Some of the most stylish shop fit and fit-outs are not necessarily the most expensive. With clever design and understanding of the materials that you are working with, you can construct an interior space that inspires. Without compromising your budget. Good design fit out companies should be able to offer you direction for your project and provide you with specific examples of how you can save money on your fitout, all you have to do is ask the question.

Implement Cost-Saving Design Ideas

With the cost of energy bills only going one way, it is important to take up some simple energy-saving ideas. An obvious one is energy-saving LED lighting with motion detection in certain areas. This is not only eco-friendly, these lighting systems are also easier on the eyes of your employees and customers. Also, consider any items you already own that can be upcycled or reused should be used within the fit-out. Here are 7 tips to enhance your shopfitting design.

Fit Out Companies In Ireland

Fit Out Companies In Ireland

DDC Fitout & Design established over 50 years has the experience to assist you in stretching your budget so that you can get achieve the fit out of your dreams. For a free consultation why not contact us here.

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