7 Essential Questions To Ask Shopfitters Ireland

Shopfitters Ireland

When you’re planning a shop fitout, it’s essential to choose the right shopfitter. Here are seven questions to ask shopfitters Ireland before making your final decision.

Asking these seven questions will help ensure that you choose the best possible shopfitter for your needs. If you have any further questions, be sure to get in touch with us today. We’d be more than happy to help you with your fit out project.

Below is a list of 7 essential questions to ask shopfitters before you sign up to your project.

Shopfitters Ireland. How much do they cost?

Prices change all the time, if you got quoted one price – a year later it can be much higher due to rising costs. Price can also be dictated by material costs, your choices and preferences. If your fit out goes over your budget professionals will be able to assist you with where to save on your shopfitting project and where to invest without compromising the design.

Who Will Manage My Shopfitting Project?

It is important to know the scope of your project. Once you know, you should decide if you want one company to take care of everything or if you want different companies to come together. Some shopfitting companies that provide full turn-key solutions will take care of everything. While other shopfitters will manage part of the fit out project – leaving you to manage tasks yourself. This can be a great way to save money, but make sure you are equipt with the knowledge and time to complete the work. You must decide what option works better for you and ask the shopfit company of your choice – what are their shopfitting services and how much of the project they will be taking care of.

Can I See Your Shopfitting Portfolio?

The portfolio is the easiest way to assess a company and understand its abilities. Ideally, you look for similar shopfitting case studies to your project to see how they were executed. You should ask the shopfitters questions about their previous jobs – what worked and what didn’t to understand how to make your fit out better.

Will You Work Closely With Me To Incorporate My Ideas Into The Shopfit?

Find a shopfitting company that is customer focused and will listen to your ideas and needs. A shopfitting project should take inspiration from both the shopfitters and the client. It is your fitout project and it should be done how you like it.

What Is The Timescale Of The Shopfitting Project?

Time scale is very important as shopfitters can often be very busy and not be able to take up your project when it suits you. Arrange a long time ahead of your ideal fit out date and let them know when you expect the job to be completed. They will work with you on that and might accommodate extra time and weekends to meet your deadline. Some might not be able to work with you if they are booked out at that time so don’t leave until the last minute.

Can You Perform A Shopfit Within My Budget?

Before finding out how much everything will cost – you will need to have a list of what you would like to have done and a budget in mind. There is no point to ask fitout to design something you can’t afford. Let them know your needs and estimated budget.

Can You Do What I Am Looking For?

Asking this question is important if you have a unique project. Sometimes as a customer you can have an idea that cannot be executed or made how they imagine. Having a professional assess the situation and come up with an outcome that works for both parties is the key.

Who Will I Be Talking To Regarding My Shopfitting Project?

Customer service is a very important aspect when choosing anyone to work with. Some projects take a long time and communication is key with any project. You must trust and like the person that you will hand over your project to. Look for red flags from the first interactions to the meetings, did they call you back as promised? Did they answer your emails? If it doesn’t feel right and you are not happy with the customer service you got – look elsewhere.

Looking to Hire The Best Shoppfitters in Ireland?

DDC Fitout & Design established over 50 years has the experience to assist you in stretching your budget so that you can get achieve the fit out of your dreams. Contact us for a free consultation and to learn how we can bring value to your fit out project.

Are You Full Turnkey Shopfitters

Yes, we are full turnkey shopfitters solutions to businesses in Ireland. We are based in Dublin and work with a wide range of retail fitout clients and commercial fitout clients. Our solutions our shopfitting teams scale with your business needs.

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